Virtual Tour

    Rosspoint Elementary School

    Harlan County contributed to the successful World War II victory of our American nation in such ways as leading the world in coal production during the World War II years.

    Debbie Napier, a social studies teacher at Rosspoint Elementary, brought something new to her classroom this year. By receiving an ARI Learning Innovation Grant from KVEC (Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative) Debbie was able to help not only students learn but to put Lynch, a small town located in Harlan County, back on the map!

    The virtual tour below is the result of a lot of hard work by Debbie, her students, and KVEC staff. We recommend viewing it in Full Screen mode.

    Students are accustomed to using local examples of history to help understand the context of national history. The goal of our ARI Learning Innovative Grant is to explore and celebrate local coal mining history and to think like historians. We do this by implementing technology and utilizing community sources to showcase Harlan County and develop pride in the traditions and history of our region especially needed during our economic decline that has occurred as a result of the “War on Coal”.

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