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About Cumberland Elementary

Cumberland Elementary is part of the Harlan County School District. We are located at 322 Golf Course Road, Cumberland, KY 40823. Cumberland's population was 2,172 at the 2013 census. Cumberland was settled in 1826 and originally named Poor Fork. It remained isolated until the coal mining roar of the 1900s when railroads connected it with surrounding towns. In 1926 it was renamed Cumberland.

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The Best Teachers

We make it our goal to indulge ourselves in the preparation of our students so that when they graduate they will be ready for any high school's challenging curriculums. Our tough selected and highly dedicated staff is eager to make elementary school a positive experience for all students, and we are sure that your children will talk about the fun and enjoyment they had at CES for a very long time coming.

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A Wonderful Schooling Climate

Cumberland Elementary has been recognized as an upstanding member of the Harlan County School District since its foundation. Also offering a quiet and safe learning environment for all students, taking the needed time to make sure they are all treated with the fairness and respectability of thier peers. If you have any questions about our school don't hesitate to call us at (606) 589-2511. Thank you!

Cumberland Elementary

We would like to welcome you to the Cumberland Elementary School Website. CES has a longstanding reputation as a neighborhood school, offering a challenging academic program, high–quality instruction, and a welcoming and embracing school climate. We have received many awards and our staff is highly committed to meeting the needs of all children. We want to encourage you to become a part of what makes up CES and hope that you will become involved through volunteer work or by simply offering suggestions that will make us an even stronger, more effective school.

As a part of the Harlan County School District we at Cumberland Elementary intend on making our students stay here a teaching experience they will never forget. None of us will stop until your child gets an education that is just as bright as they are.


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Mission Statement

At Cumberland Elementary our mission is to empower all students for the choices and challenges of the 21st century.

Welcome To Cumberland Elementary

We invite any child in our community to come be a part of our admirable school. The bond we have with our students goes beyond the classroom. Not only do we want them to succeed, we want to see them thrive.

Contact Details

Cumberland Elementary is located at 322 Golf Course Road, Cumberland, KY 40823.

For more information check the Contact page.

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