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About Us

In the Harlan County Public School District we have 9 schools, over 3000 students and a wealth of invaluable employees. Our District spans over 468 square miles and includes a number of communities where our schools call home including Baxter, Bledsoe, Cawood, Cumberland, Evarts, Harlan, Kenvir, and Wallins. No matter which area of our supportive community in which you work or are located, you’ll experience our warm and welcoming culture that values innovation and collaboration.

The focus on students’ academic excellence, employees’ success, and a supportive community is what sets us apart from other school districts. We have and will continue to improve the learning environments at each of our schools to fully engage students in the classroom and bring innovative learning practices alive.

Our commitment to equity is the foundation of our work and promotes an inclusive culture where students and staff can feel comfortable and thrive.


The mission of the Harlan County Public School District to empower ALL STUDENTS for the choices and challenges of the 21st Century.


We accept the responsibility of providing a quality education to ensure that each student regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic or physically challenged status, has the opportunity to develop their abilities to the highest level.

We embrace the goals set forth in the Kentucky Education Reform Act: expecting high achievement from all students; commitment from the community, parents, faculty, staff and administrators placing emphasis on the relating education of real life experiences resulting in smooth transition into adulthood; and providing a risk free, caring, safe environment.

Certified Teachers/Administrators

Ideal Candidate

The HCPSD is committed to hiring diverse candidates who bring high quality skills and knowledge. We are looking for individuals who have a growth mindset and are seeking opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and the community to create an exceptional learning experience for our children. We invite you to explore our current openings. Certified positions can be found by searching the Kentucky Educator Placement Service ( You can select from the following: Location (Harlan County) Position(s), Subject(s), Grade(s) and Posting Duration. If there is a position posted that you are interested in, please start by reviewing the employment packet section which can be found below.

Ideal Teachers and Administrators

We want to work with the best and brightest administrators and teachers. If your beliefs are reflected in the following values, HCPS would be a great match for you!

Passionate - Care deeply for the success of your students, your fellow staff members, and the community as a whole.
Amazing Attitude - Make everyday a good day. Be positive about all the challenges and rewards that the day brings.
Achievement Driven - Believe that all students can learn and do whatever it takes to ensure student success. Set goals for yourself that will impact and improve your practice.
  Always Prepared - Plan, plan, plan! Commit yourself to great classroom structure and organization.
Relationship Driven - Be attentive to the needs of your students and their families. Develop a strong relationship with them, rooted in trust and compassion.
Knowledgeable & Skilled - Demonstrate content knowledge and educational best practices that support student learning.

Certified Substitute Teacher Information

We routinely recruit, retain, and support highly qualified teachers to ensure that students receive the best learning opportunities. However, even if our schools employ highly qualified full-time teachers, we recognize that substitute teachers also have a significant impact on the education of our students. A percentage of our school’s total annual student attendance days are under the care and teaching of substitute teachers. The overall guidance given to substitute teachers, including professional development and the acknowledgement and assessment of their performance are vital to not only their success, but the success of our students.

If you are interested in being a substitute teacher for the Harlan County Public School District we would love to hear from you! You can review our employment packet below and if you need additional information, please email Jim Middleton at or call 606.573.4330, ext. 2042.

Classified Support Staff

Everything we do revolves around our steadfast commitment to exceptional education and student success. A key part of that commitment is ensuring our students are living healthy, active, and productive lives. Our support staff’s role in assisting in the development of the whole child is greatly valued. That’s why we need your compassion and talents within the Harlan County Public School District.

To honor our commitment to exceptional education, we work hard to make sure district operations run smoothly. We often need the following talented individuals to support our students and educators in this effort and invite you to review our employment packet for any positions posted within our District.

  • Bus Drivers/Transportation
  • Food Services
  • Maintenance/Operations
  • Custodians
  • Para educators
  • Office Professionals
  • Summer Employment
  • Tutors
  • Nurses
  • Community Liaisons
  • Professional Technical Staff
  • Informational Technology

Ideal Candidates

We want to work with the best. If any of the following describes you, you would make a great fit within our school district.

Committed to Education - You understand the value of exceptional education for your community.
Team Player - Collaboration is important to you. You enjoy working alongside your fellow team members.
Hard Working - You bring a strong work ethic and dedication to your position.
  Caring - You are a compassionate individual who cares deeply for others.
Great Attitude - Positivity is your strength. You often embrace challenges with a smile.

Employment Packet

Anyone interested in either a Certified or Classified full-time position should first submit a letter of intent along with the appropriate application. Those wishing to become a substitute in any form should also complete the required documents outlined in the Employment Checklist and found below. All remaining applicants should wait until notification of hire.

Applications for Certified Teachers, Certified Substitute Teachers and Classified Staff along with additional required documents and services must be completed/reviewed in order to complete your application for employment within the Harlan County School District. These documents can be obtained below and/or at the Harlan County Board of Education located at 251 Ball Park Road, Harlan, Kentucky 40831. Please start by reviewing the Employment Checklist which will indicate exactly which documents need to be completed along with providing information regarding any associated fees.


All applications along with a separate letter of intent should be mailed to:

Harlan County Public Schools
ATTN: Gina Cox
251 Ball Park Road
Harlan, KY  40831 

*Certified Applications Only

Harlan County Public Schools
ATTN: Jim Middleton
251 Ball Park Road
Harlan, KY  40831 

*Classified Applications Only

- Certified Teacher - Certified Substitute Teacher - Classified Employee
- Bus Driver (Classified Employee)    

Required Documents

- Employment Checklist (Start Here) - Drug/Alcohol Signature Page - Medical Exam of School Employees
- Central Registry Check (Child Abuse & Neglect) - EPSB Substitute Teacher Application Instructions - Restraint & Seclusion Training
- Code of Ethics - Form I-9 - Statement - Not Covered by Social Security
- Direct Deposit Authorization - Form W-4 - Training Documentation (Child Abuse & Neglect)
- Drug/Alcohol Policy - Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options  

Classified Employment Opportunities

We make every attempt to make each posting available on our website in a timely manner and you can also view each posting at the Harlan County Board of Education located at 251 Ball Park Rd, Harlan, KY 40831. Please refresh your browser by hitting F5 to see new content.

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Length of Employment
June: 21st Century Site Coordinator Cumberland Elementary 2018-2019 School Year
  Kindergarten Instructional (Teacher’s) Aide Cumberland Elementary  

July: Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Evarts Elementary  
  Special Education Instructional Assistant Black Mountain Elementary

  New Harlan Patriot Football (Grades 5 & 6)    
  Custodian Evarts Elementary  
  Special Education Instructional Assistant Evarts Elementary  
  Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Evarts Elementary  
  Food Service Cook/Baker Black Mountain Elementary  













For official Certified and Classified postings please visit the Harlan County Public School District's administrative offices at 251 Ball Park Road, Harlan, Ky. The Harlan County School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.