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Organizations & Clubs

At Wallins Elementary, we believe joining a student organization opens the door to building new friendships, enhancing academic life, and exploring other opportunities. As an active member of a student organization, your child will learn important leadership and management skills as they participate in a variety of programs. This may include joining the academic team, playing basketball, playing football, joining the Beta Club, participating in First Priority, and organizing community service projects. We encourage all students at Wallins Elementary to join a club or organization. Wallins Elementary is home to high achievers both academically and athletically. We want to lead in every scenario, because we feel the future demands leadership.


5th & 6th Boys Basketball
5th & 6th Girls Basketball
5th & 6th Boys & Girls Cheerleaders
5th & 6th Football
7th & 8th Girls Basketball
7th & 8th Boys Basketball
7th & 8th Girls Cheerleaders
7th & 8th Boys Cheerleaders
7th & 8th Football

Beta Club:
First priority:
Elementary Academic Team:
Future Problem Solving Team:
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Elementary Academic Competitions:

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Middle School Academic Competitions:

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Wallins Elementary School encourages parent involvement. If you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact the main office at (606) 664-3444. At Wallins Elementary, we are dedicated to high expectations and valuable goals. By setting goals and high academic, moral and behavioral standards, we believe that our students will establish success and carry on our beloved tradition. Believe, Succeed, Achieve!

Thank you for taking the time to show an interest in our school and playing an active role in the lives of not only our students, but our faculty and administration as a whole.

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