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Staff Websites and Course Management

The staff at Harlan County High School will utilize Blackboard/CourseSites which provides for online course creation and adds a web–based component to their courses. This elearning platform allows the instructors to post and update course material, interact with students and parents, promote collaboration and will be utilized for NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) days. To enroll into a course, each student will be required to first create a student account.


The following links are provided as a resource for staff, students and parents alike. Every attempt is made to ensure that all content is accurate and kept up-to-date, but is subject to change without notice. Please contact the instructor if you have questions.



Instructor Website and/or CourseSites Link Instructor Website and/or CourseSites Link

Alred, Holly

https://hcpshalred.coursesites.com Hughes, Carlton KCTCS

Anama, Emmanuel

http://hchsspanish.weebly.com, https://hchsspanish.coursesites.com, KCTCS Jones, Michael https://hcpsmjones.coursesites.com
Baker, Ben https://hcpsbbaker.coursesites.com Jurgens, Gayle https://hcpsgjurgens.coursesites.com
Barnes, Paul https://hcpspbarnes.coursesites.com Lawson, Tina https://hcpstlawson.coursesites.com, KCTCS
Beach, Jennifer https://hcpsjbeach.coursesites.com Lee, Jeanne https://jeannelee.coursesites.com
Blair, Nancy https://hcpsnblair.coursesites.com Lewis, Damon https://hcpsdlewis.coursesites.com
Blakley, Kevin https://hcpskblakley.coursesites.com Longworth, Greg https://hcpsglongworth.coursesites.com
Britton, Alex https://hcpsabritton.coursesites.com Mackowiak, Kristie https://hcpskmadden.coursesites.com
Brock, Tami https://hcpstbrock.coursesites.com, KCTCS

McCormick, Mary


Brooks, Josi


McCreary, Fred https://hcpsfmccreary.coursesites.com
Burdette, Jacob https://hcpsjburdette.coursesites.com Mcelyea, Tim  
Burkhart, Bucky https://buckyb7.coursesites.com McMullan, Scarlett https://hcpssmcmullan.coursesites.com
Capps, Dana https://hcpsdcapps.coursesites.com Melton, Sandy https://hcpssmelton.coursesites.com
Carruba, Anna https://acarruba.coursesites.com Morris, Steven https://hcpssmorris.coursesites.com
Chamberlain, Drew https://hcpsdchamberlain.coursesites.com Nau, Alexandra https://hcpsanau.coursesites.com
Coots, Michelle


Noah, Dondi https://hcpsdnoah.coursesites.com
Coots, Ryan


Nolan, Anthony https://hcpsanolan.coursesites.com
Creech, Eddie https://hcpsecreech.coursesites.com North, Kim https://hcpsknorth.coursesites.com
Daniel, Steve https://hcpssdaniel.coursesites.com Pace, Scott https://hcpsspace.coursesites.com
Dunaway, Jay https://hcpsjdunaway15.coursesites.com Pate, Pat https://hcpsppate.coursesites.com, KCTCS
Duncan, Benjamin https://benjaminduncan.coursesites.com Reynolds, Jon https://hcpsjreynolds.coursesites.com
Evans, David https://hcpsdevans.coursesites.com Sanders, Robin


Evans, Robert https://hcpsrevans.coursesites.com Sawyers, Teresa https://hcpstsawyers.coursesites.com
Evans, Sherri


Saylor, Jacob https://hcpsjsaylor15.coursesites.com
Farmer, Eugene https://hcpsefarmer8.coursesites.com Scott, Bill https://hcpsbscott.coursesites.com
Hamblin, Patricia


Shepherd, Felicia https://hcpsfshepherd.coursesites.com
Harp, Tina https://hcpstharp.coursesites.com Shepherd, Kevin https://hcpskshepherd.coursesites.com
Hawkins, Rebecca https://hcpsrhawkins.coursesites.com Shepherd, Shelley https://hcpsssheph02.coursesites.com
Hensley, Mike https://hcpsmhensley.coursesites.com, KCTCS Whitehead, Kim https://hcpskwhitehead.coursesites.com
Henson, John https://hcpsjhenson.coursesites.com    
Howard, Kim https://hchskhoward.coursesites.com    

Public Notice

No person shall, on the basis of race, color, national origin, residence, religion, sex, disabling condition, age, or marital status, be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in any educational program, activity of, or employment practice by the Harlan County School System in compliance with Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504.


Harlan County High School is committed to educate every student to a high level, accept no excuses for failure, and understand the value of hard work by students and staff. Our culture of success will support systems in the school that encourage and even reward hard work.

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