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Career and Technical Education

Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA)

Senior Preparatory Students enrolled in programs where a KOSSA is available must take the KOSSA if they are not taking an approved industry certification and have not previously tested in KOSSA. Underclass Preparatory Students may also take the KOSSA but will not be included for Perkins accountability reporting until their senior year.

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KOSSA Resources for Teachers​


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KOSSA Skill Standards Documents (Culinary, Horticulture, Marketing, Web Development / Administration)

The Skill Standards Documents link above will provide the Academic, Employability and Occupational standards to be assessed on each individual KOSSA. There are 101 total Academic and Employability standards that are shared/common to each of the four exams (Culinary, Horticulture, Marketing, Web Development / Administration) and study materials & resources can be shared as students prepare. The occupational standards vary in length between each exam and are broken down below:

Web Development
Common/Shared Standards
Study Materials

Academic, Employability, General KOSSA

1. Employability Skills Practice Test: Sample

2. ProProfs - Basic consumerism for all pathways (34 Q's): https://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=kossa-review-test-1

3. TechFluency: http://www.techfluency.org/esess/ (Organization: KOSSA, First Name: Sample, Last Name: Sample, Password: Sample)

*As you work on the Quizlet items below, complete the Flashcards and Test at a minimum. Optionally work your way through the Learn, Write and Matching portions before you complete the Test. When you begin the Test, click on 'Options' in the lower left corner, select 'Multiple Choice' for the Question Type, 'Term' for Answer With and select the total number of questions (21 of 21 questions for example). Print and keep/file the results of each test you complete.

4. Quizlet - Academic & Employability (30 Terms): https://quizlet.com/152574381/kossa-employability-and-academic-vocabulary-flash-cards/

5. Quizlet - Academic & Employability (56 Terms): https://quizlet.com/128405389/kossa-academic-and-employability-practice-questions-flash-cards/

6. Quizlet - Academic & Employability (41 Terms): https://quizlet.com/124517712/ag-employability-kossa-practice-flash-cards/

7. Quizlet - Sample Test (21 Terms): https://quizlet.com/128442818/kossa-sample-test-flash-cards/

8. Administrative Support Practice Test: Sample

Occupational: Culinary

1. Culinary KOSSA Sample Test: Sample

2. Quizizz (88 Questions): https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/58a7191bfe4743d577f29930

3. Quizlet (39 Terms): https://quizlet.com/14663032/culinary-measurements-flash-cards/

4. Quizlet (36 Terms): https://quizlet.com/35303320/culinary-2-intro-review-terms-flash-cards/

5. Quizlet (34 Terms): https://quizlet.com/75086434/kossa-review-flash-cards/

6. Quizlet (30 Terms): https://quizlet.com/67039089/kossa-review-flash-cards/

7. Quizlet (20 Terms):https://quizlet.com/38527633/culinary-basics-common-culinary-terms-flash-cards/

8. Quizlet (20 Terms): https://quizlet.com/72596961/kossa-culinary-test-review-set-1-flash-cards/

9. Quizlet (20 Terms): https://quizlet.com/72598811/kossa-culinary-review-set-2-flash-cards/

10. Quizlet (20 Terms): https://quizlet.com/72600101/kossa-culinary-review-set-3-flash-cards/

11. Ohio Co. HS: http://www.ohio.k12.ky.us/olc/folder.aspx?id=33120&c=8459&s=1145


Occupational: Horticulture
1. Horticulture KOSSA Sample Test: Sample
2. Multiple Choice Practice Test 1: Sample
4. Quizlet (33 Terms): https://quizlet.com/27017246/kossa-horticulture-practice-test-1-flash-cards/
5. Quizlet (46 Terms): https://quizlet.com/187612235/horticulture-kossa-flash-cards/
6. Quizlet (55 Terms): https://quizlet.com/124566497/horticulture-practice-test-1-flash-cards/
7. Quizlet (22 Terms): https://quizlet.com/114600067/hort-kossa-1-flash-cards/
8. KOSSA Sample Questions: Bell Ringers Powerpoint

Occupational: Marketing

1. Marketing KOSSA Sample Test: Sample

2. Quizlet (83 Terms): https://quizlet.com/128423033/kossa-review-marketing-test-flash-cards/

3. Quizlet (16 Terms): https://quizlet.com/90238692/marketing-kossa-terms-1-flash-cards/

4. Quizlet (67 Terms): https://quizlet.com/50838206/kossa-practice-test-questions-flash-cards/

5. Quizlet (16 Terms): https://quizlet.com/90238692/marketing-kossa-terms-1-flash-cards/

6. Quizlet (16 Terms): https://quizlet.com/69380756/jctc-advanced-marketing-management-kossa-prep-project-flash-cards/

7. WikiSpaces: https://jctckahlywiki.wikispaces.com/+MARKETING+KOSSA+PREP

8. StudyLib: http://studylib.net/doc/9549942/business-and-marketing-kossa-terms-review-the-economy

Occupational: Web Development / Administration
Computer Literacy

1. Quizlet (39 Terms): https://quizlet.com/137918770/computer-literacy-flash-cards/

2. Quizlet (37 Terms): https://quizlet.com/184419783/computer-literacy-basic-computer-terms-hardware-flash-cards/
3. Quizlet (22 Terms): https://quizlet.com/121734128/computer-literacy-flash-cards/
4. Quizlet (36 Terms): https://quizlet.com/114725937/computer-literacy-flash-cards/
5. Quizlet (39 Terms) - Word Processing: https://quizlet.com/188716930/word-processing-word-processing-flash-cards/
6. Quizlet (11 Terms) - Spreadsheet: https://quizlet.com/164673738/spreadsheet-flash-cards/
7. Quizlet (21 Terms) - Spreadsheet: https://quizlet.com/112076513/spreadsheet-flash-cards/

8. Quizlet (10 Terms) - Spreadsheet: https://quizlet.com/212954700/spreadsheet-vocabulary-flash-cards/
9. Quizlet (14 Terms) - Database: https://quizlet.com/175391731/database-flash-cards/
10. Quizlet (28 Terms) - Database: https://quizlet.com/239941197/database-flash-cards/
11. Quizlet (8 Terms) - Database: https://quizlet.com/163329530/database-flash-cards/

12. Quizlet (26 Terms) - Presentation: https://quizlet.com/114499132/powerpoint-presentation-flash-cards/
13. Quizlet (11 Terms) - Presentation: https://quizlet.com/164298409/powerpoint-presentations-flash-cards/

14. Quizlet (10 Terms) - Presentation: https://quizlet.com/190317570/presentation-in-powerpoint-flash-cards/

Information Technology Project Management

1. Quizlet (69 Terms): https://quizlet.com/174232341/information-technology-project-management-final-flash-cards/

2. Quizlet (20 Terms): https://quizlet.com/196835602/information-technology-management-project-scope-management-flash-cards/

Web Design Fundamentals

1. Quizlet (62 Terms): https://quizlet.com/166952909/web-design-flash-cards/

2. Quizlet (29 Terms): https://quizlet.com/196302441/fundamentals-of-web-design-terms-flash-cards/

3. Quizlet (20 Terms): https://quizlet.com/180487376/fundamentals-of-web-design-vocabulary-flash-cards/

4. Quizlet (71 Terms) - Section 508: https://quizlet.com/73318523/accessibility-section-508-compliance-flash-cards/

Advanced Interactive Design


Industry Certification
1. Best Web Certifications: http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/web-certifications,2-423.html

2. CIW Web Development and Certifications: https://www.ciwcertified.com/ciw-certifications/web-development-series

3. Become a Certified Web Developer: https://www.udemy.com/become-a-certified-web-developer/

4. Web Professional Certification: https://webprofessionals.org/certification/

5. Certification Exam: Test Taking Strategies
6. Quizlet (89 Terms) - Web Design Certification Prep: https://quizlet.com/196907420/web-design-certification-prep-flash-cards/

Career Pathways in Web Development and Administration

1. IT Career Finder - Web Developer: https://www.itcareerfinder.com/it-careers/web-developer.html

2. Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Web Developer: http://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/technology/blog/everything-about-becoming-web-developer/

Public Notice

No person shall, on the basis of race, color, national origin, residence, religion, sex, disabling condition, age, or marital status, be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in any educational program, activity of, or employment practice by the Harlan County School System in compliance with Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504.


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