Green Hills Elementary

Green Hills Elementary School Falcon

Green Hills Elementary is located in the small community of Bledsoe, KY. Our current enrollment is 177 students. Our school colors are Kelly Green and Gold. One nearby attraction is the National Historic Landmark, Pine Mountain Settlement School. The school was founded in 1913 as a boarding school for children here in the southeastern mountains. The school was in operation until the early 1970s when Pine Mountain began to focus its work on environmental education.

At Green Hills Elementary we take great pride in the accomplishments of our students. Below are some photos of students who achieved academic excellence this year on state & explore testing.

Green Shirts: Proficient Students
Orange Shirts: Distinguished Students
Turquoise Shirts: 8th grade EXPLORE Students:  Ranked 8th in the state

Green Hills Elementary School Proficient Students

Green Hills Elementary School Distinguished Students

Green Hills Elementary School Explore Students

Green Hills Elementary School Falcon

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide each student at our school with the quality education that they deserve. Our children are the keys to the future! We feel like if our teachers set exemplary qualities and strive for excellence so will our students!

Contact Us

Green Hills Elementary

PO Box 9, 123 W Highway 221 Bledsoe, KY 40810
Telephone: +606-558-3533
FAX: +606-558-3960
Principal: Jonathan Perkins